Creating a "M
e Book"

The idea for this concept came from a publication called “Disability Solutions” in their September/October 1996 issue.  The idea grew out of a workshop given by Terri Vandercook and Laura Medwetz called “A Kid Portfolio”.   A speech therapist attending this workshop shared the idea with parents in her school and The Mac Book:  Highlighting the Person in the IEP was created.  Mac’s family wanted to be sure that Mac was accepted on his own merit, rather than by the label “Down syndrome.”   This portfolio is a collection of pictures, writings, and work samples that create a view of all aspects of the child’s life: family, school, religious, community, and friends.  Detailed stories, pictures, history and suggestions are included that are not usually found in an IEP.  The goal is to provide an image that highlights the human side of the child for the staff.  What better way for professionals to learn about your child than through the eyes of those who love him/her most and so The Mac Book evolved and was adapted by parents from Stepping Stones into “The Me Book.”   Here are some examples of “The Me Book” compiled by Stepping Stones families through the years.