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The Stepping Stones Private School for the Disabled

The Stepping Stones School provides education supports to children ages three to ten who have Down syndrome or other cognitive impairments.  Through a strong education team consisting of special education teachers, speech, physical and occupational therapists students are able to achieve their highest potential.  The School consists of classrooms which provide supports to preschool ages 3 - 5 and separately, additional classrooms provide supports to children ages 6-10.  Students attend the program for approximately six hours per day, five days per week for 204 days of the year.  Students are transported to the school in Roseland from over 20 towns in Northern and Central New Jersey.

Stepping Stones School Educational Highlights:
Individualized Cognitive Goal Development
Therapeutic feeding program
Individualized Sensory Integration Program
Oral Motor Speech therapy
Hand writing without tears curriculum

Strong focus of developing each child’s independent
– self help skills
Strong interdisciplinary and collaborative team

Expertly trained staff utilizing the most up to date and effective techniques and strategies for children with Down syndrome