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18 Months to 3 Years
Groups are designed for toddlers who will be transitioning to a more structured classroom setting in preschool within the year.  Understanding the transition process from early intervention to preschool is very important in preparing a child for a successful experience.  Under the supervision of a special education teacher and therapists, children are learning cognitive and social skills in a classroom setting as well as fostering communication skills.  While children are in their group, parents are meeting with the Stepping Stones social worker.   During these sessions, the social worker will educate parents on negotiating the special education maze and learn how to advocate for their child as a member of the Child Study Team from their school district.  While some children will return to their in-district preschool program, an out of district placement, such as The Stepping Stones School, may also be a viable option.  Many workshops are given to include veteran parents returning to discuss their experiences, guest speakers from the Children’s Legal Resource Center, and any other information related to transitioning.