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Birth to 18 Months
During class sessions, groups are facilitated by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and/or social worker who provide information on development.  Therapist’s will spend time educating and providing family members with hands on guidance on how to approach each child’s developmental needs. 


Speech therapy sessions emphasize language stimulation so that receptive and expressive vocabulary development is maximized. 

Communication skills are further fostered through the use of sign language (Total Communication) to assist each child in conveying basic wants and needs. 

Speech therapists target self-feeding skills such as finger feeding and cup and straw drinking during sessions.

Oral-motor intervention guidance is provided in order to increase oral awareness, muscle tone, and chewing and tongue lateralization abilities.

Occupational therapists provide direction on reaching cognitive developmental goals, development of age appropriate play, as well as guidance on sensory issues.

Physical therapists provide direction on how to position your infant, how to help them crawl using the most effective positioning, how to help your child walk, and much more. 

A social worker is present to provide support and guidance to families. 

Families leave our early intervention program with the ability to advocate effectively on behalf of their child’s needs. 

There is no cost to attend the above sessions.